How do you feel when you are depressed?

Emotions are energy. When your feelings are pessimistic and negative, and the condition persists, then you start to lose energy and deteriorate. You slip into a listless, hopeless existence without meaning and without interests. You don’t feel anything when you are depressed. Worse, everyday life is a torment. You wake up exhausted in the morning. It’s hard to get out of bed to wash and start the day and eating is also a burden, since nothing tastes good to you.

Time crawls on and torturing thoughts like ‘I have done something wrong’, ‘why cannot I decide on anything’, etc. overcome you. You ponder endlessly and come to nothing. You feel rigid and paralyzed, and may also be running back and forth nervously as if you were in a cage.

Nothing can get rid of the thoughts and the emptiness. You fall into bed exhausted at night. In the middle of the night you wake up, turn over, are completely fatigued and yet cannot sleep. If you’re lucky you may catch a bit of sleep in the morning, then when you should actually be getting up.